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Filipino Vines Originals
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1609, 2021

Netizens nagkagulo dahil sa mga Bagong Litrato ni Steffi Rose Aberasturi

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Nagkagulo ang mga netizens dahil sa isang post ni Walter de Vera sa kanyang Instagram account Umani ng papuri ang kanyang mga kuha kay Steffi Rose Aberasturi. Maraming nag download at nag reproduce ng mga [...]

2006, 2020

Frontrow, together with other Big Companies in the Philippines, and their response in COVID-19 pandemic

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Frontrow International, founded by Sam Verzosa and RS Francisco, has been tagged in a Newspaper published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer as one of the Big corporations in the Philippines to have donated to fight [...]

Welcome To Filipino Vines
Filipino Vines is a form of video sharing service, where users submit their own videos such as Vine, talent videos and other form of videos that will entertain the viewers. This has been the most viral and trending Filipino content.
Filipino Vines was founded by Walter De Vera in October 2013. It was created based on Vine app, which was the most used application on sharing six seconds videos.The founder decided to create a community for all filipino film makers and viners on Facebook. At first it was all just for fun, but unexpectedly it made a huge impact to many people. All of a sudden viners and film makers are approaching us to feature their videos on the page. It has grown to become one of the most popular content platform for filipino viewers.

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