Since its founding in 2019, Calle Con has made history in the local urban community scene by bringing
together the country’s biggest local fashion brands, local artists, and the people within the local street
culture. During the event’s first stint, Calle Con made history by gathering 32 live acts, and 54 local
brands in a “first of its kind” event. This brought more than two thousand street culture enthusiasts
under the same roof, celebrating the same culture.
This year, Calle Con completes its comeback after 3 years. Upping their game and taking a major step
further by formally announcing a 2-Day Festival this November 11-12, 2022 at Metrotent, Metrowalk,
Pasig City. Calle Con will house over 50 live performances from the country’s biggest hip-hop artists, 80
Local streetwear brands, 10 streetwear fashion shows, a Game of S.K.A.T.E. Tournament, and an all
styles dance battle. Brought to you by the founders; Rekta Sa Kalye, Midas Music and Entertainment,
and TMP Productions, Calle Con culminates the comeback year of events and live gatherings by
mounting the biggest and most prominent event in Philippine Hip-Hop! This is Calle Con 2022!

Check out the lineup for the main stage and the Batang Calle stage on Day 1 at the Calle Con 2022!

We bring back the stories from the streets to a bigger stage. We look back to how it all started.
Highlighting every story of passion and talent from their diversified roots.

Day 1 at the Calle Con 2022!

Rekta sa Kalye is a Philippine-urban events production and management Company founded by Vince
Marasigan also known as Droppout. Known for mounting events in large scales bringing together
high-demand acts, Rekta Sa Kalye has made its mark in the culture and in the industry.
Midas Music and Entertainment is a multifaceted talent management, events, and production Company
founded by Nick Hernandez. Priding itself with managing some of the country’s biggest Hip-hop Artists.
Midas brings you music and entertainment in it’s purest form.
TMP Productions is a Philippine-based events management, talent management, and production
Company founded by Douglas Brocklehurst in 2017. TMP Productions Inc. boasts an ecosystem that
caters to almost every area of music and entertainment. TMP Productions Inc. is the company behind
the biggest artists, events, and innovations in the local music industry for the past half-a-decade.

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