The Department of Education announced on Tuesday that the classes for School Year 2020-2021 will start on August 24, 2020 and is set to end on April 30, 2021.

This, however, doesn’t mean that students should attend class physically. By reason of the lockdown, enforced in various areas due to the Coronavirus, this School Year’s classes will be conducted through online and other alternative modes of learning that do not require face-to-face interactions.

The government is now preparing printed instructional packets or self-learning kits to cater those students who do not have access to reliable internet connection, laptops, computers, and other gadgets that may be used for an online education system that may be implemented.

This measure was made to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. According to the Department of Health, the Philippines has a total number of 9,684 COVID-19 cases, with 1,408 recoveries, and 637 reported deaths.

Classes in all levels, both public and private learning institutions, across the country have been suspended since March 10 after President Rodrigo Duterte pronounced a national wellbeing crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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