For Wida, it has always been about music. Jeddah, home. Rizal, roots. Her sound, out of this world. Something like a conundrum. Just she and her guitar — and Wida was always a rhythm, never just an artist, but a model, student, etc. — conjured up images of the world at large, from Jeddah to Rizal. Her success has stirred talk from GMA (One of The Biggest Entertainment networks) in the Philippines. To compound the problem, Wida — the Artist — is a drop-dead talented soul, which obviously means she had made some kind of soul-crafted deal with the Iblis in Italy. Well, Già, “Tu Sei Bello.”

Wida’s goal is for you to remember her sounds and leave an indelible mark on the Filipino Music landscape striking signature aesthetic. This could be seen in her new artistic music video. All red. Get the concept? The color “RED” in “Tu Sei Bello” is an indication of raw energy, unending passion, power, change, courage, and a new revolution. A revolution, that will set the stage for what’s next to come, reaching millions worldwide.

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